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Prospective Students

Stanford Earth Graduate Programs

The School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences (SE3) offers a range of graduate and undergraduate degrees, which includes: Geological Sciences (GS), Geophysics (GP), Earth System Science (ESS), Energy Resources Engineering (ERE), Emmett Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources (E-IPER), and Computational Geoscience Program (CompGeo).  Please visit the SE3 Website to learn more about the School, its faculty and history, and also find application deadlines for each department at the SE3 Prospective Students webpage.  OMA works with department administrators to provide you with the most up-to-date information and we encourage you to contact the designated department, as well as OMA, if you have any questions about graduate programs.

Applying to Graduate School: Strategies and Tips 

At OMA not only do we aim to provide prospective students with information, but we also offer strategies and tips for applying to graduate school. Prepare the best application package for graduate school by checking out these resources below on timelines, personal statements, and fee waivers.  Also, feel free to email at if you'd like to receive more specific advice regarding your application. While gaining admission to graduate school may be competitive, you can increase your chances through the right preparation. 

Undergraduate Research Experience

One of the main factors determining admission into graduate school is research experience. Students need to demonstrate the ability to investigate and carry-out a research project, while exhibiting knowledge about a specific field. If you're an undergradute searching for a research experience, we recommend you consider these summer research oppotunities:

Stanford's Summer Undergraduate Research in Geoscience and Engineering Program (SURGE).  SURGE is SE3's premier summer undergraduate research program for students from diverse backgrounds.

The Leadership Alliance is a national consortium of more than 30 leading research and teaching colleges, universities, and private industry that offers research and graduate school training opportunities to undergraduate students.

Postdoctoral Research at Stanford Earth

Stanford University offers formal Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities for minority STEM students through the AGEP CA Alliance Postdoctoral Fellowships Program.  If you are not eligible to particiapte in the AGEP CA Alliance program, we recommend you contact faculty directly to ask about opportunities in their labs and to share your CV and Cover Letter.  Because Standord does not typically post Postdoctoral research opportunities on the job website we encourage you to seek out these opportunities through networking with colleagues and professors.  OMA can help you navigate these informal pathways.