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October 2016 | Stanford Earth
Stanford Earth’s SURGE summer program completes its sixth year of encouraging budding Earth scientists.
August 2016 | Stanford Earth
Over the last five years, 37 percent of SURGE alumni have entered graduate school, 26 percent are pursuing geoscience-related industry careers, and more than a third are completing their undergrad degrees.
Jerry Harris
May 2016 | Stanford News
The Office of Multicultural Affairs in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences was honored for its efforts “to foster institutional excellence by coordinating diversity programs in the school.”
August 2014 | Stanford Report
The Summer Undergraduate Research in Geoscience and Engineering (SURGE) program brings students from smaller liberal arts colleges, minority-serving institutions or underserved backgrounds to Stanford for a summer of earth science research and graduate school preparation.
April 2014 | Stanford News
The alliance, includes four leading West Coast universities – Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA and the California Institute of Technology. With this intellectual firepower, the group was formed to help knock down age-old barriers that have boxed in many people. The effort is funded by a $2.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation. Together, these institutions are targeting a serious problem in higher education – the lack of underrepresented minority PhD students in the mathematical, physical and computer sciences and in engineering.
February 2014 | Stanford SE3 News
Too few underrepresented minority PhD holders in science, technology, engineering and math are advancing to the postdoctoral and faculty ranks. With a $2.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation, four leading West Coast universities have joined forces to find a solution. Stanford Earth Sciences PhD candidates Jeremy Brown(Geophysics) and Rebecca Hernandez (Environmental Earth System Science) share their experiences.
November 2012 | Office of Multicultural Affairs
David Connor, Morehouse College student and 2012 SURGE alumni, received the Best Poster Presentation in the category of Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics and winner in interdisciplinary area during the Annual Biomedical Research Conference that took place in San Jose, CA in November.